Folklife Center Ethnographic Film Award: Breaking Binary by Eva Rochereau, Becca Cottrell, and Fiona Nelson; Champlain Valley Union H.S. and home school

Jamie Kanzler Experimental Film Award: Peace or Prozac by Leah Kaliski, Thetford Academy

Contemporary Issues – HIGH SCHOOL

1st Place: Young and Queer Vermont by Alex Escaja, South Burlington High School

2nd Place: Lost Then Found: The Lost Boys of Sudan Encounter a Whole New World by Jayme Billings, Browns River Middle School

3rd Place: Distributing Days for Girls Feminine Hygiene kits in Rwanda, Africa by Aenea Mead, Harwood Union High School

Honorable Mentions

Contemporary Issues – YOUNG ADULTS

1st Place: The Richer Whiter State: Seeing Race in Vermont Schools by Laurel & Alyssa Chen

2nd Place: Shame On Me by Andrew Woodman, Green Mountain College

3rd Place: Kelly Burke by Sophie Bodnar, CATV8

Vermont History – HIGH SCHOOL

1st Place: The Saint Albans Raid by Laurent Gagne, Bellows Free Academy

2nd Place (two winners): Vermont Skiing HistoryTurning Points by Sam Strohbehn, Hanover High School and Exploring the History of the Undersell Schoolhouse by Faryal Afsar, Mount Mansfield H.S.

3rd Place: Ticonderoga by Ethan Bray, Northwestern Technical Center

Honorable Mentions

Vermont History – YOUNG ADULTS

1st Place: The Ghastliness by Chico Eastridge

2nd Place: Vermont 1918 by Shaynelle Francis

Personal Films – HIGH SCHOOL

1st Place: Peace or Prozac by Leah Kaliski, Thetford Academy

2nd Place: God Left Me With A Voice by Abi Murphy, Northwest Technical Center

3rd Place (2 winners): European Skull Mounts by Sam Scott, Middlebury Union High School/D.O. and A Letter I’ll Never Send to the Father Who Should Have Been There by Emily Williams, Hartford Area Career and Technology Center

Honorable Mentions

Special Merit Award in Filmmaking

  • Vermont The Land We Live by Albert Baird and Ian Biasini, Green Mountain Technology and Career Center

Personal Films – YOUNG ADULTS

1st Place: Stolen by Rhea Hayes & Alex Schlater, Champlain College

2nd Place: Champlain College Climbs Smuggler’s Notch by Nathan Gobes, Champlain College

3rd Place: Sincerely, Vermont by James Abrams, Rochester Institute of Technology

Honorable Mentions

Art and Culture – HIGH SCHOOL

1st Place: A Vermont Fairytale by Cady Ray & Eva Nichols, Poultry High School

2nd Place (2 winners): Backwoods: A Visual Poem by Ben Shumlin, The Putney School and Vermont is Adventure by Jayvian Poitras, Central Vermont Career Center

3rd Place: Getting Down To Business by Cameron Fennel & Nick Velau, Central Vermont Career Center

Honorable Mention

Art and Culture – YOUNG ADULTS

1st Place: Hunting & Fishing in Vermont by Martha Howe, Green Mountain College

2nd Place: Baseball in Vermont by Paul Snyder, Northwest Access TV

3rd Place: Good Sports with Jasper Goodman Featuring Norwich University Men’s Ice Hockey Program by Jay Austin, WDEV Radio Vermont

Honorable Mention

  • Why Ski? by India Harvey, St. Lawrence University
  • Extreme Walking by Reilly Dillon, Saint Michael’s College 

Judge’s Picks



1st Place: Blue Light: Living in a Technology Addicted World by Ben Shumlin

2nd Place: Home Away… New England Youth Theater by Aja Selbach-Broad

3rd Place: Education: A Student’s Story by Kaelan Sellback

Honorable Mention & Judge’s Pick

  • Can’t Get There From Here by Amelia Hutchinson Moore

Honorable Mention

  • Helping Hands: VT’s Migrant Labor Population by Madeline Ganey, Ryan Biette, Luke Benz, Nathan Cobb

Judge’s Pick

  • Our Animals Connections by Aaron Evans
  • Career Documentary by Wyat Sherman

Issues of Interest Citation

  • The Good, the Bad, and the GMO by Zach Bechhofer, Samantha Foote, Emily Kiernan, Annie Lindholm
  • The F35: A Noisy Problem? by Audrey Lee
  • Heroin Epidemic by Taylor Hackett
  • Climate Chaos by Aleksander (Sasha) Cherkasov


1st Place (tied): Brewers First by Christopher Williams and Brewtopia by Andrew Woodman & Russell Stone

2nd Place (tied): Vtrees by Jacob Covell, Devin Clark, Matt Woodward & Others and Marching With 400,000 by Erica Lygren, Katherine Christensen, Minahil Ghafoor, and Yenny Martin

Honorable Mention & Judges’ Pick

  • We Wrote a Song by Lillian Schley, Ian Burnette, Eben Brown, Eric Downing, Laura Hoffman, Emma Holliday

FICTION (14-18)

1st Place & Judge’s Pick: Home by Danielle Hazleton

2nd Place (tied) & Judge’s Pick: Race to Vermont by Anna Steeley and The Scarecrow — A Haunting in Vermont by Martin VanBuren

3rd Place: Bigfoot: A Vermont Legend by Shaynelle Francis, Sebastian Durfree, Siobhan Crosier, Hawke Sleigh, Tiffany Martin, Imoni Davis, Meagan Hurley

FICTION (18-25)

1st Place: A Year Without a Colander by Lillian Schley, Emma Holliday, Ian Burnette, Eben Brown, Eric Downing, Laura Hoffman


1st Place (tied): How Vermonters Deal with the Cold Weather by Becky Kelecy and Herman & Rob by Sam Caswell

2nd Place (tied): An Interview with Sabra Field by Damien Murray

2nd Place (tied) & Judge’s Pick: My Movie 2 by Laura Borchers

3rd Place & Judge’s Pick: The Life of Max Judas by Max Judas

Honorable Mention

  • A Day With A Vermonter by Paige Parker­, Alivia Morse­, Chelsea Parker­, Devon Fleury­

The Freedom & Unity TV Experimental Film Award: Donated by Janine Kanzler in memory of her son Jamie Kanzler,
a gifted experimental filmmaker, poet and musician.*


1st Place (tied): Welcome to Vermont by Alissa Keogh and Vermont Will Aid Your Vision by Oliver Hobbitzelle and Nick Nourse

2nd Place & Judge’s Pick: My Experience: What Vermont Means to Me by Rhiannon Mattison

2nd Place (tied): Angela’s Documentary by Angela Murphy

Honorable Mention

  • Vermont Life by Luke Sweet


1st Place & Judge’s Pick: What Does VT Mean to Me? by Matthew Binginot

Special Recognition


  • Project Atlantic: Wind and Solar by Nick Grubinger & Linnea Congleton and with Michael Auerbach