Submit Your Film!

Be sure to review the Resources & Tips page before submitting your film!


Freedom & Unity recognizes constructive feedback to be a vital part of any creative process. This year, we are offering an early deadline (March 22, 2019) to filmmakers who wish to receive work-in-progress feedback from selected mentors. After receiving feedback (by March 29, 2019) you will have time to edit any changes you might like to make before the final submission deadline on May 1, 2019.

1. Upload your film to Vimeo or YouTube. (Include the link on your submission form. This will be the version that our judges will watch. Please do not make it password dependent.)

2. Upload your full resolution film (please follow instructions below) to our DropBox Folder. This is so we can project your film at film festivals, our awards ceremony and broadcast it at its optimum quality. 

3. Fill out and submit the Youth Contest Submission FormIf you are a part of a team, only one member needs to fill out the form where they can provide information on all the team members. 

  • Work-In-Progress Submission (OPTIONAL) – MARCH 22, 2019
  • Final Submission – May 1, 2019 

Instructions for uploading full resolution film:

From your editing program, export your completed film to H.264, but keep your settings the same as your timeline/sequence.  In particular, pay close attention to:

  • your frame size (for example 1920 horizontal, 1080 vertical)
  • aspect ratio (for example 16×9).
  • frame rate or timebase (for example 29.9 or 23.976, etc.)

Upload it to our Dropbox folder.

!PLEASE NOTE!: It may take a few minutes for the film to upload. While the film is uploading, fill out the Youth Contest Submission Form and click SUBMIT.

You will then receive an email notification confirming your submission!

We highly RECOMMEND you keep ALL of your original source footage and edited program. If your film is chosen as a winner and Vermont PBS chooses to broadcast it, they may require a different  broadcast format, such as Quicktime.

In addition we may offer you the an opportunity to work with a professional filmmaker or audio technician to fine tune your edit, and this will only be possible using your original source material and edited program.

When in doubt, reach out! Christine Porcaro:

For guidelines on exporting video from your editing software: