Contest Themes


In an effort to focus more on the ideas and issues important to Vermonters, we’ll focus on three categories for the 2016/17 contest. Choose one theme and make a film in any genre or style: fiction, documentary, animation, or experimental. 



artandcultureArts and Culture
Vermont is home to a thriving artistic community, from writers and musicians to painters and digital artists. Abenaki and European cultures have long influenced life in Vermont, but new cultures, from Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East are adding their own traditions to the mix. Tell us about how an artistic achiever or a cultural tradition is making life in Vermont richer for all of us.



vthistory copyVermont History & Contemporary Issues
The human history of Vermont includes farmers and foresters, inventors and artists, businesspeople and community leaders. Pick a piece of Vermont’s history and tell us a story about it. Focus on your own family, people who lived in your community, someone you read about, or maybe the Abenaki, who came to Vermont thousands of years ago. How did these people come to Vermont? What did they do to survive? How did they change life in the place we all call home? Take a look back, and share what you learned with today’s Vermonters. Or perhaps you’re more intrigued by present day Vermont? As a young person, you have a unique perspective. People want to hear your opinion, because you are the Vermonters not only of today, but of the future. So let us know what matters to you. What contemporary issues should we be paying more attention to? Addiction and recovery? Climate change? Jobs in Vermont? Dating violence? Discrimination? The high cost of college? Tell us a story about an issue. Or better yet—show us how Vermonters are working toward creative solution to our biggest problems.



personalstoryPersonal Stories
VT is home to over 600,000 people, and all of them have a story to tell! Find a person, pick up a camera, and push “record.” Focus on yourself, or on a friend, family, or community member who is doing something amazing, like writing music, exploring new technology, or using his or her skills for the benefit of others. Or find someone who has faced a difficult struggle, show what it means to have courage and persistence in the face of hard times. Tell a story that focuses on one person, but can teach us all something about living.