Prizes for the contest!

What are the Prizes? 


Not this Statuette That’s to get your attention But we do offer many cash awards

Professional filmmakers judge the competition and if they select your film, you’ll win not only bragging rights but one of the prizes listed below!
We offer CASH AWARDS to 3 different age groups:
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College and Adult

In every age group, we offer prizes for 3 different categories:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Vermont History & Contemporary Issues
  • Personal Stories

In each category, we offer a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. The amounts are listed below:

High School, College and Young Adult Prize Amounts:

  • 1st Prize: $500
  • 2nd Prize: $250
  • 3rd Prize: $100

Middle School Prize Amounts:

  • 1st Prize: $250
  • 2nd Prize: $100
  • 3rd Prize: $500

We also give special prizes, like the Jamie Kanzler Experimental Film Award and the Vermont Folklife Center Ethnography Award.

In total, we offer over 30 prizes and give away more than $5000!

In addition to cash prizes, we also love showing your movies. The Premiere Screening of all award winning films will be on MAY 6 and 7, 2017 at the BRIGG’S OPERA HOUSE in WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VERMONT.

Award winning films also screen at film festivals across the state, on public access stations and on Vermont Public Television!

But the best prize of all may be just finishing your movieIt’s an amazing feeling to tell a story on film!

WATCH last year’s WINNING FILMS @ Winners!

Filmmaking Workshops

At the Premiere Screening, we’re excited to offer Workshops! We’ve listed ideas below but
Story Creation: Writer/filmmaker Gary Lee Miller uses examples from successful films to show how to keep viewers interested with rock solid story structure, sizzling dialogue and dramatic tension.

Decoding Film Language: Director Signe Taylor shows how filmmakers use “Film Language” to create stories. Learn how dolly shots, close-ups, POVs, sound effects, background music and more are part of the secret code of telling effective stories on film.

Ethnography: Vermont Folklife Center instructors will teach participants about this research methodology, which aims to understand experience from the perspective of the person to whom that experience belongs, and will show how to use ethnography as an ethical and effective tool for documentary media making.

Interviewing: Led by a Vermont Folklife Center teacher, participants will explore basic ethnographic interviewing concepts in a conversational setting, and observe and learn from a demonstration interview.

Camera Techniques: DP/Filmmaker Nora Jacobson offers this practical workshop to help you shoot video in a way that excites and entices the viewer. She’ll cover handheld camera work, tripod use, practical lighting tips, how to get good sound. Bring your camera or phone!

Documentary Video Production: An overview of four basic phases of producing a documentary — focusing less on technical training and instead looking at the process as a whole.

Minimal Resource Filmmaking: Learn how to tell compelling stories with materials and tools at your fingertips. Get familiar with how to make a movie using your phone, tablets, iPods and free audio and video editing software.

Working on a Vermont movie?
Apply for the VT Work-In-Progress Filmmaking Award!

Vermont filmmakers working on a film that was shot in VT, and/or includes a VT theme, who are NOT enrolled in an educational institution,
are eligible to apply for this $3500 award.
The deadline is February 15, 2017.
To learn more, please visit: The Vermont Movie

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