Freedom & Unity Winners Featured on Vermont PBS!

Freedom & Unity winners of 2016’s Youth Film Contest will be featured on Vermont PBS!

There will be interviews with some of the filmmakers, those will air as part of the programs as well! Below are the program details:


HIGH SCHOOL: 10/4/2016, 7:00 PM

First Place – Personal Films, Winner – Jamie Kanzler Experimental Film

Peace or Prozac | Leah Kaliski, Thetford Academy

First Place – Contemporary Issues

Young & Queer Vermont | Alex Escaja, South Burlington High School

First Place – Vermont History

St. Albans Raid | Laurent Gagne, Bellows Free Academy

Second Place – Personal Films

God Left Me with a Voice | Abi Murphy, Northwest Technical Center

First Place – Art & Culture

Vermont Fairy Tale | Cady Ray & Eva Nichols, Poultry High School

Second Place – Art & Culture

Backwoods | Ben Shumlin, Putney School

Judges pick – Vermont PBS

What Vermont Stands For | David McHugh, Central VT Career Center

YOUNG ADULT: 10/11/2016, 7:00 PM

First Place – Contemporary Issues

The Richer, Whiter State | Laurel & Alyssa Chen, Burlington

Second Place – Personal Films

Champlain College Ice Climbing | Nathan Gobes, Champlain College

First Place – Personal Films

Stolen | Rhea Hayes & Alex Schlater, Champlain College

First Place – Art & Culture

Hunting & Fishing in Vermont | Martha Howe, Green Mountain College

Both of these will premiere on these days/times on the Vermont PBS Main Channel and the Plus Channel. PBS will be rebroadcasting these following those premieres, and they will also be available streaming 24 hours after they premiere. (Once PBS has a web page up for a program it will have re-broadcast dates as well as the streaming content when its available.)




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