• ABOUT a person… You could tell the story of a special young person in your community.
    Perhaps they are an artist or musician.
    Perhaps they are heroic, perhaps they are struggling.
    What makes them special?
  • ABOUT an issue… What are the current issues in Vermont that concern you?
    The environment? Hunting? Health care reform? Education? Class issues?
    Racial issues? GLBT issues?
  • ABOUT you… Do you have a personal story to tell? Something that has had a profound impact on your life?
  • ABOUT history… How far back do you want to go?
    For young history buffs, this could be your opportunity to make a film based on 17th Century
    Vermont settlers, some of whom were captured by Indians and lived their whole lives among them.
    Or perhaps the Civil War interests you?
    Vermonters as young as 14 joined the troops as musicians – drummers, fifers, or buglers.
  • ABOUT a place… Perhaps there is a place in Vermont or in your community that is important.
    Why is it important? Make a portrait of it.

Please share or embed either video to promote the contest!

Cash awards and filmmaking gear will be given to the best documentary, fiction, animated and experimental films.
The finalists and winners will be shown at film festivals throughout the state, and will be posted on our interactive Freedom & Unity TV web channel, as well as on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

We will be listing the awards and the jurors on an awards page soon, check back in February please!

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